The Spirit of Anne Frank Awards

The Amy and Tony Polak
2010 Distinguished Advocate Award

Ronald BruderRonald B. Bruder is CEO and Founder of the Education For Employment Foundation (EFE), which graduated its first class in June 2006. EFE is a non-profit, non-governmental organization with the mission of creating employment opportunities for youth in the Middle East and North Africa.  After identifying critical skill gaps in the local economy, EFE develops and manages targeted, scaleable training programs to ensure job placement through on-the-ground partnerships with local universities and employers. EFE affiliates have been established in Gaza/West Bank, Egypt, Morocco, Jordan and Yemen. 

The EFE affiliates are run by local staff and governed jointly with local boards of directors. EFE engages local community leaders to be investors and stakeholders by building public-private partnerships and increases capacity by partnering with indigenous educational institutions. Following a market-driven approach, training has been established in banking, construction, management, heating, ventilation and air conditioning vocational training, land surveying, a mini-MBA, sales, teaching, textile merchandising and Workplace Success with a targeted placement level of 85 percent. The Foundation strives to create a tipping point whereby educational institutions alter their methodologies to improve the success rates of their graduates in the labor market.

Prior to creating EFE, to which he now devotes all of his professional time, Mr. Bruder was a serial entrepreneur focused on real estate development. In 1977, Mr. Bruder founded The Brookhill Group, which owns and manages properties throughout the United States. He has also founded companies in the oil, medical technology, and travel industries. Mr. Bruder holds a Bachelors degree from Adelphi University in Economics, a Master's degree in Business Administration / Finance from New York University, and a Post Master's degree in Accounting & Taxation from Iona College.



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