The Spirit of Anne Frank Awards

The Alexander Bodini Charitable Foundation
2006 Outstanding Youth Award

DARRAGH CLARKE is a senior at Hastings High School and a resident of Hastings-on-Hudson, New York. He is an active member of the Diversity Club and co-president of Project s.h.a.r.e., and described as an outstanding contributing member of the Peer Leadership and Model United Nations programs. Mr. Clarke was among the first students to volunteer to help the school community process an act of bias by running workshops to raise awareness among faculty and students, and the first student ever to enroll in Hastings High School new elective course on Reading Race and Gender. His innate motivation to challenge damaging stereotypes and assumptions about racial bias in the media and encoded violence in advertising is an extension of the belief he holds that each student has a place in the community. According to his teachers, he is proactive when an incident occurs in the school hallways, responsible for setting up a forum with three inner schools on race and class, and a prime mover to organize an inter-school dance with an emphasis on diversity and understanding. He works naturally for inclusion whether incorporating a Nepalese refugee into the culture of the school, or negotiating a conflict for a student to work past negative excess in order to bond with the group. Mr. Clarke is acclaimed for leading by example, being a bridge builder, and especially for his overall commitment to combating discrimination in all its forms.



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