The Spirit of Anne Frank Awards

The Ms. Rita and Mr. Jacob Salzman
2007 Outstanding Educator Award

MICHAEL MADDEN is a history teacher at Clements High School, in the Fort Bend Independent School District in Texas. His multi-media docudrama about the Holocaust earned him a scholarship to participate in a study institute in Israel and Poland in 1998. During his trip, he met Hannah Pick, Anne Frank’s close childhood friend, who asked that he be the “ambassador” to her life. Inspired by her words, Mr. Madden has worked with his students to incorporate his presentation into a “mini-museum” known as the Hall of Remembrance. The transformed 155-foot hallway outside his classroom showcases over 200 studentgenerated projects related to the Holocaust. Mr. Madden speaks of the need to adapt his teaching methods to the changing teen culture. “The past must continually take on a new voice so that the present can better hear, understand and apply these lessons to the future.” In 2002, the Anti-Defamation League helped to bring the Hall of Remembrance and the testimony of Houston area Holocaust survivors to the communityat- large. Over the past five years more than 5,500 students and community members have come to their Outreach Program to learn about the dangers of hatred, bigotry and racism through the lessons of the Holocaust.



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