The Spirit of Anne Frank Awards

The Jack and Ina Polak
2006 Outstanding Youth Award

ASHLEY MARINO is 17 years old and a student at the Susan E. Wagner High School on Staten Island where she resides. As a peer-to-peer conflict resolution leader, Ms. Marino alone is responsible for successfully negotiating over fifty student conflicts at the school. She coordinated the Staten Island chapter and serves as a team leader for the American Civil Rights Educational Services (a.c.r.e.s.) program. She was chosen by her peers to represent the chapter to travel and meet prominent civil rights leaders from the past to the present. The prerequisite was extensive research, and a track record as a facilitator on topic for her peers. As an intern for the Anti-Defamation League’s A World of Difference Institute, Ms. Marino attended the National Holocaust Conference on Peace in Washington, D.C. where she met with prominent leaders discussing the role in teaching the Holocaust in our nation’s schools, and helped to organize the adl’s database on Holocaust curriculum. Dr. Ed Alster, the director of the Educational Division stated she was one of the finest interns he had supervised. Ms. Marino was a spokesperson at the United Nations to a global audience on the benefits of incorporating non-violent education, conflict resolution and student leadership in U.S. schools. She has taught full period lessons at Wagner High School on bias, racism, and civil rights history, and has taught the components of peace and leadership to thousands of students during her high school years. Ms. Marino is described by one of her teachers as a person, “who has stood for those who stand alone and has given her voice to those whose voices have been denied.”



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