The Spirit of Anne Frank Awards

The Ina and Jack Polak
2005 Outstanding Educator Award

SUSAN LLANES-MYERS is the executive director of one of one of the most respected Holocaust museums in the nation: The Holocaust Museum Houston. She has worked in various capacities at the museum for nearly 10 years and has studied the Holocaust with historians in Poland, Israel, and the US, subsequent to a heralded teaching career for which she received numerous honors in her field. Ms. Llanes-Meyers was appointed by the International Task Force on the Holocaust to teach Holocaust education to the educators of Roman; and she has received recognition from the White House for her work on reconciling and remembering genocide in Rwanda.

In her role as executive director of the HMH, she has developed several outreach programs, including an educational 'trunk' that circulates and provides Holocaust curriculum and materials to school districts locally and throughout the states, and launched a hate crimes program in collaboration with the Houston Police Department. Ms. Llanes-Myers directs several workshops every year at HMH and personally oversees the development of activities for educators and students to broaden their knowledge of the Holocaust. She empowers educators who want to teach the Holocaust by her support as they find higher level educational opportunities and bring the results of their studies into their classroom.

Ms. Llanes-Myers uses the lessons of the Holocaust to educate students and members of the local, regional, and international communities about the dangers of prejudice and hatred in society.



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