Worldwide Anne Frank Organizations

The Anne Frank Center USA has a long history of partnership with several Anne Frank institutions from around the world. While we function independently we all share the common mission of providing educational outreach, combating racism, and celebrating the life and legacy of Anne Frank. We are honored to work closely with our partner institutions.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The former hiding place where Anne Frank wrote her diary, is now a museum. The House also provides education programming including exhibitions, peer to peer guide training and docent training. Many of the artifacts and presentation materials in Anne Frank Center exhibits are provided by the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam.

Basel, Switzerland

The Anne Frank Fonds (foundation) was founded by Anne's father, Otto Heinrich Frank, on January 24, 1963. The AFF is responsible for publishing the diary and other writings by Anne Frank around the world, in cooperation with publishing houses and producers. In addition to publishing the texts, the foundation is responsible for dramatizing the material.

All quotations from Anne Frank and photos of the Frank family are used by permission and copyright ANNE FRANK FONDS Basel, Switzerland.

London, England

The Anne Frank Trust UK is an education charity, that empowers young people with the knowledge, skills and confidence to challenge all forms of prejudice and discrimination. Established in 1991, the Anne Frank Trust UK uses Anne Frank’s powerful life story and diary as their starting point through education programmes that reach tens of thousands each year.

Berlin, Germany

Since 1998 the Anne Frank Zentrum in Berlin has coordinated the presentations of various Anne Frank exhibitions, including a permanent exhibition on display in the gallery of the Zentrum in the heart of Berlin.

Buenes Aires, Argentina

The Centro Ana Frank has been open in Buenos Aires, Argentina since 2009. A permanent Anne Frank exhibition is on show in the Centro Ana Frank Argentina. The Centro Ana Frank also presents many educational activities and traveling exhibitions throughout Argentina.

Vienna, Austria

The Anne Frank Verein in Austria organises the presentation of exhibitions and their accompanying educational activities in Austria. It works from Vienna, under the supervision and responsibility of the Anne Frank House.

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