While the world waits and takes precautions to minimize the impact of the coronavirus pandemic,
the Anne Frank Center USA has moved to remote operations, as have most of our community-based partners and venues. Some exhibits and performances have had to close early or postpone their debut until several months from now.


Please understand these important cultural institutions undoubtedly need your support more than ever, as does the Anne Frank Center. Watch our calendar for upcoming virtual events and rescheduled exhibits, performances, and other opportunities to share Anne Frank's story and the lessons of the Holocaust in your community.

We offer a series of educational programs directly in communities throughout the United States, including traveling exhibits and performances that are often open to the public.

Please see our Calendar for specific locations hosting our upcoming public exhibits and performances.

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We take the show on the road.

In an effort to bring Anne Frank's message of hope to as many Americans as possible, the Anne Frank Center is not a traditional "museum" restricted to one permanent location, but rather works with an ever-growing network of partners throughout the United States, who host our programs directly in their communities.

Many of our programs are school-based and not typically open to the public. This allows the students to get the most from their experiences, as our workshops are integrated directly into their class experience.

We are also continually seeking new partners to host exhibits and performances in new communities.