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Mark your calendar and plan to attend:
Monday, June 17th

Please join us as we recognize those who uphold Anne's ideals and commemorate what would have been Anne Frank's 90th birthday. This year's awards gala will be at the Rooftop Ballroom of the historic Hotel Edison, in the heart of Manhattan's theatre district.

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This year's honorees:

SAFA Interfaith Unity Award

Rabbi Jeffrey Myers, Reverend Eric S.C. Manning, and Imam Ibrahim Abdelhalim

This year we recognize congregations who have witnessed unspeakable tragedy in the midst of prayer:

  • Linwood & Al Noor Masjids
    Christchurch, New Zealand · March 15, 2019

  • Tree of Life *Or L'Simcha Synagogue
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · October 27, 2018

  • Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church
    Charleston, South Carolina · June 17, 2015

The world has been deeply moved by these and other horrifying tragedies throughout the world; we share in the mourning yet are also inspired by the spirit of solidarity that has emerged.

SAFA Human "Writes" Award

Jack J. Hersch

Every now and then, there’s a story that demonstrates vividly the optimism that guided Anne Frank despite her oppressive conditions. Jack Hersch has brilliantly accomplished that with his memoir about his father’s experiences in the Death March from Mauthausen and Gusen concentration camps. We recognize his retelling of this remarkable story with our 2019 Human "Writes" Award.