Spirit of Anne Frank Awards (SAFA) - 

"Human greatness does not lie in
wealth or power, but in character and goodness.” 

― Anne Frank

The mission of the Anne Frank Center is to share the diary and spirit of Anne Frank to advance her legacy, to educate young people and communities about the dangers of intolerance, anti-Semitism, racism, and discrimination, and to inspire the next generation to build a world based on mutual respect.

About the Awards

Each year in celebration of Anne Frank's birthday, the AFC hosts the Spirit of Anne Frank Awards (SAFA) to recognize worthy students, educators, citizens, peacemakers, and role models who uphold Anne's ideals of hope, justice, and equality. Scholarship and humanitarian award recipients are selected based on their extraordinary social and humanitarian efforts to engender understanding, equality, and mutual respect among diverse populations of people.

Our SAFA Scholarships are given out each year to graduating high school seniors who have proven themselves exceptional leaders in combating intolerance, prejudice, and injustice in their schools and communities. We offer these awards to those who have been inspired by Anne Frank's story, who promote respect for all humanity, and whose humanitarian efforts continue her legacy today.

High school seniors in the United States who will be attending a four-year college in the following fall can apply for the Anne Frank Center SAFA Scholarships. Prize amounts and the number of awards available vary by year, but typically include multiple scholarships ranging from $1000 to $5000 as a stipend towards an accredited college education. Award winners are recognized at the annual awards ceremony held in New York City in June of each year and given the opportunity to remain engaged as a Youth Ambassador with the Anne Frank Center USA.

How To Apply

Scholarship candidates who meet the eligibility requirements must complete an online application, including submission of an essay, letters of reference, and acknowledgement of the SAFA Scholarship Terms & Conditions.

Application Deadline: February 28, 2019.

Winners are recognized and invited to attend the annual SAFA fundraising gala and awards ceremony in New York City. This year's event is Monday, June 17, 2019.

Past Scholarship Winners

2018 Puffin Foundation West SAFA Scholarship

Interfaith Dialogue

Port St Lucie, Florida

In recognition of her commitment to interfaith dialogue, the Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect is pleased to offer the 2018 Puffin Foundation West Scholarship to Sana Shareef from Point St. Lucie, Florida. As a teenage girl responding to a violent incident in her community, Sana “found
herself struggling and embraced the opportunity to improve human relations.”

In addition to establishing the Breaking Barriers Club at St. Edwards High School, Sana has organized successful interfaith conferences and received numerous accolades for her extraordinary accomplishments both in academics and community service. Her actions match her belief that “knowledge and education of religious intolerance will be the solution to the bigotry you see in the community.

2018 ING SAFA Scholarship

Sit With Us app

Sherman Oaks, California


In recognition of her innovative idea for an anti-bullying initiative, the Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect is pleased to award the 2018 ING Scholarship to Natalie Hampton from Sherman Oaks, California. Natalie developed the mobile app “Sit With Us” as a compassionate response to the awkward social scenario of having no acquaintances at the high school lunch table – a situation she endured firsthand.


Costing little more than her time and commitment, Natalie was able to “help students feel at home and empower them” to be better people, much in the spirit of the kindness and compassion Anne Frank herself wished for the world.


2018 Jacob Salzman SAFA Scholarship

CARE Closet food pantry

Lawrenceville, Georgia

After learning that a classmate did not have enough food at home and then discovering that teen food insecurity often causes students to engage in risky behaviors, Lauren Seroyer founded the (Community Assistance & Resource Effort) C.A.R.E. Closet. CARE Closets provide food and toiletries for high school students and their families that are in need.


In just two years, Lauren has established 15 CARE Closets in 5 states and has raised over $71,000. This includes the $25,000 grand prize from the United Way of Greater Atlanta’s “SPARK Gwinnett” Shark Tank competition where she entered as the ONLY teen contestant! She has also acquired partnerships with companies such as Toyota, Publix, State Farm, ANN Inc., Vital Voices, McDonald’s and others. Although, Lauren is extremely excited about these accomplishments, she is most proud of the difference that she is making for her peers all over the country.

Scholarship donated by Les and Sybil Rosenberg

Erinn Aulfinger

2017 ING SAFA Scholarship

Author, "Rewriting Her Story"

Liberty Township, Ohio

Observing female friends suffering from the effects of negative self-esteem such as depression, eating disorders, drug usage and other self-harm, Erinn Aulfinger decided to act. With research showing that girls entering puberty suffer worse self-esteem than boys do, Erinn wrote a self-help book for girls aged 11 and 12. Her book is filled with inspirational stories from older women and girls, as well as tips to help girls feel better about their bodies, stop bullying other girls, and offset society’s gender bias that pressures girls not to make waves. Readers have told Erinn her book has changed their lives, and she has won multiple national and local awards. Find her book here.

Gavrielle Kamen

2017 Rapaport SAFA Scholarship

Interfaith Dialogue

Washington, DC

Gavrielle is an artist and humanitarian whose dedication to social justice is rooted in her dedication to spotlighting and encouraging diversity, both at her school and in the world. She has gone to extraordinary lengths to advance dialogue on race and religion. After participating in Seeds of Peace, Gavrielle created her own organization, Middle East Skype Sessions, facilitating learning sessions among American teenagers and teenagers throughout the Middle East. Middle East Skype Sessions reminds people of the underlying humanity shared among people of different religions, ethnicities, political views and other forms of identification.

Ariela Algaze

2017 Jacob Salzman SAFA Scholarship

Human Rights

La Jolla, California

As a California native with roots on the east coast and in Puerto Rico, and as a disabled, queer, Latina Jew, Ariela is a pioneering leader for diversity and inclusion. She was a founding board member and program officer for the Jewish Teen Foundation, raising $25,000 to advance human rights. She also spearheaded a school-wide conference to celebrate diversity. Ariela brings an intersectional perspective to her work. She takes comfort in knowing the struggle for justice and human rights can begin with acts of kindness. She tries to live her life by the words of Anne Frank: “I must uphold my ideals, for perhaps the time will come when I shall be able to carry them out.”


Scholarship donated by Les and Sybil Rosenberg

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