The Youth Initiative is a new program from the Anne Frank Center that brings the lessons of the Holocaust and modern social justice to schools around the country. Through a unique one-day symposium, students interact with history and with each other to combat intolerance in their communities.

History &  Today Workshops
Student Guides lead their peers in three workshops that illustrate the everyday connections students can make to Anne, the
Holocaust, and social issues in the world around them. Students discuss the long history of global refugee crises and draft a
letter to local politicians, use theatre exercises to identify intolerance and act as allies, and learn to avoid false information
online by discovering the history of

Guest Speaker
From Holocaust survivors to civil rights advocates, modern activists, academia, and government, leaders emerge in all
communities. The AFC invites one of these inspiring local speakers to address students on an issue facing your city or region.

Performance Education
The Initiative includes one of AFC’s two signature performances, Conversations with Anne and Letters From Anne and  Martin, to compliment the day’s programming. The immortal words of Anne Frank and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr come to life in these pieces
featuring professional actors and a talkback with the cast and educators.

For more information please email

 Associate Director for Education and Youth Initiative, Bryan Caine training student leaders at Entrada Academy in the Bronx.